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  • How do I know if a pre-loved item is in good condition?
    Read the item description carefully. The seller should provide information about the item’s condition, including any flaws or damage. You can also ask the seller any questions that you have about the item through the chat feature.
  • How do I know what size my items are?
    Check out our Zaars sizing guide here. It’s important to accurately measure your items to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • How do I list an item for sale on Zaars?
    Create a Zaars account and click on the “Sell Now” button on the top right of the Zaars website. Enter the item’s information, including the title, description, price, and photos. Select your shipping option based on the size of the item and indicate if you want to receive offers or provide tailoring. Hit "list" - that's it!
  • How payments work:
    Sellers on Zaars get paid through Stripe, a secure payment processor. Zaars does not charge any fees for sellers to receive payments. Here is a step-by-step guide on how sellers get paid on Zaars: A buyer purchases an item from the seller. The seller ships the item to the buyer within two days of receiving the order. Payment releases occur once per week and include all buyer-confirmed sales prior to payment cutoff on Friday at 12PM ET. Here are some additional tips for sellers on how to get paid quickly on Zaars: Ship your items promptly. The sooner you ship your items, the sooner the buyer will receive them and be able to confirm satisfaction. Provide excellent customer service. Be responsive to buyer inquiries and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. Build a good reputation. The more positive feedback you receive from buyers, the more buyers will shop with you.
  • How to ship:
    Select the right shipping category during the listing process based on the item's weight. Pack the item carefully. Use bubble wrap or other packing materials to protect the item from damage during shipping. Print the automatically generated shipping label that is emailed to you. This label will contain all of the necessary information for shipping the item, including the buyer’s address and the shipping carrier. Attach the shipping label to the package. Be sure to attach the label in a visible location so that the shipping carrier can easily scan it. Drop it off at a USPS near you within 2 business days of receiving the order. This will help to ensure that the buyer receives their item on time.
  • How do returns work?
    An item can be returned if it does not fit as described, was misrepresented, or does not match the listing. Contact and our experienced customer service team will help you prepare your item for return and provide a shipping label. Depending on the reason for return, you may be charged a $10 restocking fee.
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