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Be The Next Big Brand

Reach millions of shoppers through the Zaars marketplace. Get recognition for your brand and build a loyal customer base. All while being protected by the Zaars platform!  

Sizing features specifically for South Asian Clothes

Simple but powerful listing process

Allow offers or set fixed prices

Offer tailoring on items and easily get customer sizing

Chat with buyer to answer questions

Get automatic shipping labels for all sales. Just put the item in a box and put the label on.

Shop with confidence



From new sarees to pre-loved lehengas, Zaars has all you need in one place. Find a hidden gem from thousands of sellers across the country.


Make sure it fits

Find something you like? Now make sure it fits using our Zaars standard. Every seller has to size items using our standardized measurements. Use our guide to measure yourself to the same standards, so you know something fits before you buy it. 


Securely chat, make offers or request tailoring

Have questions about an item? Securely and anonymously chat with sellers directly on Zaars to feel confident before making a purchase. Don't think the price is right? You can a make an offers on select items. You can even send your custom size to sellers on Zaars for items that offer tailoring. 


Look and feel good

Last but not least, look good wearing your new fit! If what you got isn't what you were expecting, we will work with you to fix it. Even if it means returning the item and getting you a refund. 

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Sell with ease


Create your seller account

Create your Zaars account, upload a profile photo, and set up Stripe authorization so you can get paid.


Upload your items

Get your stuff ready to sell! Start by taking pictures of your items in a well-lit, bright room (best results are by a window). Make sure to get at least 4-5 photos that capture the item from different angles. Set competitive prices by researching similar items on Zaars to determine a fair price. Measure the item using the Zaars standard, and decide if you want to accept offers and tailoring requests. Finally, add a catchy title and short description to help it stand out. 


Sell and ship

You can list as many items as you want for as long as you want. You’ll be notified when you make a sale. Zaars takes a 18% transaction fee – the rest is sent directly to your bank account each week through Stirpe. 

When you make a sale, Zaars will send you a pre-paid shipping label. Within two days of receiving the order, just put the item in a bag or box and drop it off at a USPS near you.


Get paid

You'll get weekly payouts for all your sales deposited directly into your bank account. The payments are secure and transferred through Stripe. We never see or hold seller's bank account information or buyer's credit cards numbers. The entire process is secured by one of the most trusted payment processors on the internet! 


  • How do I know if a pre-loved item is in good condition?
    Read the item description carefully. The seller should provide information about the item’s condition, including any flaws or damage. You can also ask the seller any questions that you have about the item through the chat feature.
  • How do I know what size my items are?
    Check out our Zaars sizing guide here. It’s important to accurately measure your items to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • How do I list an item for sale on Zaars?
    Create a Zaars account and click on the “Sell Now” button on the top right of the Zaars website. Enter the item’s information, including the title, description, price, and photos. Select your shipping option based on the size of the item and indicate if you want to receive offers or provide tailoring. Hit "list" - that's it!
  • How payments work:
    Sellers on Zaars get paid through Stripe, a secure payment processor. Zaars does not charge any fees for sellers to receive payments. Here is a step-by-step guide on how sellers get paid on Zaars: A buyer purchases an item from the seller. The seller ships the item to the buyer within two days of receiving the order. Payment releases occur once per week and include all buyer-confirmed sales prior to payment cutoff on Friday at 12PM ET. Here are some additional tips for sellers on how to get paid quickly on Zaars: Ship your items promptly. The sooner you ship your items, the sooner the buyer will receive them and be able to confirm satisfaction. Provide excellent customer service. Be responsive to buyer inquiries and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. Build a good reputation. The more positive feedback you receive from buyers, the more buyers will shop with you.
  • How to ship:
    Select the right shipping category during the listing process based on the item's weight. Pack the item carefully. Use bubble wrap or other packing materials to protect the item from damage during shipping. Print the automatically generated shipping label that is emailed to you. This label will contain all of the necessary information for shipping the item, including the buyer’s address and the shipping carrier. Attach the shipping label to the package. Be sure to attach the label in a visible location so that the shipping carrier can easily scan it. Drop it off at a USPS near you within 2 business days of receiving the order. This will help to ensure that the buyer receives their item on time.
  • How do returns work?
    An item can be returned if it does not fit as described, was misrepresented, or does not match the listing. Contact and our experienced customer service team will help you prepare your item for return and provide a shipping label. Depending on the reason for return, you may be charged a $10 restocking fee.
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