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How to sell

Listing your clothes on Zaars is easy. 

Getting people to buy the clothes can be just as easy if you follow these tips!

How to sell on Zaars

Setting the right price

The best way to get eyes on your listings to by setting a fair and reasonable price. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Scan the market

Consider the many details of your item. Is it silk, cotton, synthetic? How unique and detailed is the sequencing? Was it mass produced or made by hand? 

Then, see how much similar items are selling for on Zaars and price your item in that range. 

How much did it cost?

If it is pre-loved item, you shouldn't try to sell it for more than you paid for it. Buyers will notice and avoid your listings in the future. Instead, think about the item's condition, how many times you wore it, and if it has any damage. If the item is like-new, it may be worth up to 80% of the original price. If heavily worn, it could be less than 50%. 

Be honest about conditions

Don't price an item as being "pre-loved excellent" when it isn't. Buyers will catch on and if your listings are consistently inaccurate, you may be banned from selling on Zaars. Be honest about the condition of the item and price it accordingly. 

Experiment and adjust!

At the end of the day, every item is worth as much as something will pay. Try different pricing for different items to see how much interest you get from buyers. Just remember, inaccurate prices or dishonest listings will come back to hurt you in the long-run.  

good pics = more sales

The best way to stand out is to look good. Looking good on Zaars means having bright, well-lit photos that show off the best parts of your items. Follow these tips for perfect listing photos. 


Bright, indoor light is best! Set up next to a window or by a open door to get even, natural light.  


Avoid hard light or back-lit items. The light source, usually a window, should be behind you, not the item.  


Make sure your photo is clear and not blury. Your phone is good enough, but make sure you hold it still and level. 



Don't put it on the ground. The best way to show it off is by hanging it. Or better yet, put it on a mannequin or a person. 


Use a plain white or neutral wall. A clean background keeps the focus on the item, letting buyers see without distractions. 


Capture every detail. If there is an imperfection make sure it is in your listing. Failing to show it will make buyers lose trust in you, have your item returned, and could get you banned. 

A few more things to keep in mind

Smiles = Sales

Responding to buyers questions, tailoring requests and offers quickly will let them know you are an engaged seller and make them happier to shop with you. 

Tailoring sets you apart

Everyone is different and no item will fit two people exactly the same. If you want to set yourself apart from other sellers, offer tailoring, even if it is just a few centimeters of adjustment. This way, buyers get the perfect fit and you make more sales. 

Zaars Fit works for everyone

We made the Zaars Fit standard so buyers and sellers have consistent sizing. This means buyers get what they expect and sellers have fewer angry customers because things didn't fit, which means less returns and more sales. Sizing items using the Zaars Fit standard is required by all sellers on Zaars.

Respond to offers quickly

Buyers who make an offer on one item will probably make an offer on many. The quick you accept an offer, the more likely you are to make the sale. 

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