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Clear out your closet (and make money on clothes you no longer want!)

Are you…

  • drowning in traditional South Asian clothing you never plan to wear again? 

  • wishing you could offload clothes without dooming them to the landfill? 

  • tired of throwing your money into expensive outfits you’ll only use once?

The resale clothing market might be just what you need:

Why [Re]sell Your Clothes

Selling your used clothing is a powerful way to clear your closet (and your conscience) by giving your beautiful pieces a second life with someone else. Before you toss out your beautiful items, consider the incredible upside of putting them up for sale instead:

  1. Earn your money back! It’s no secret – traditional South Asian clothing is expensive. But that investment doesn’t have to be down the drain forever! By reselling your pieces, you can earn back some of the money you spent in the first place. That’s more money out of your closet and in your pocket! 

  1. Reduce waste in landfills. Most unwanted clothes in America end up in landfills (over 14 million tons worth annually), where they won’t fully biodegrade for over 200 years (crazy, right?!). By recycling your clothes, you can save them from that slow death in the landfill and help reduce our waste nationwide.

  1. Promote a more sustainable fashion economy. Clothing resale markets are revolutionizing the fashion economy, making the industry more green, sustainable, and ethical. By selling used clothing, you can join the circular fashion economy and participate in the global movement to make the fashion industry better for the earth.

  1. Make room in your closet for something new. The best part about clearing out your closet is making more room! Whether you use your newly emptied closet as a minimalist meditation nook or a handy excuse to fill it with more beautiful styles, moving out-with-the-old is the breath of fresh air your closet needs. If you do decide to break out the shopping bags, might we suggest you consider…

Why Buy Clothing Secondhand

Buying secondhand clothing is an incredible way to boost your wallet, your planet, and your closet – all in one. There is so much to gain from buying resale, which allows you to:

  1. Save your money (pssst: it’s even better than renting). Buying used clothing can save you 25%+ on like-new pieces and is often cheaper than renting over multi-day events. 

  1. Save time, energy, and security concerns. Buying resale online allows you to shop thousands of beautiful designs from the comfort of your bed! At Zaars, we’ve made it easier and safer than ever for you to find the traditional South Asian pieces you want for every occasion. Our ZaarsFit tool allows you to sort to the pieces that will fit you the best, our chat functions allow you to ask the seller questions without giving out your personal details, and our secure payment processing means you’ll never need to use insecure transfer methods again. 

Promote a more sustainable fashion industry. Just like reselling your clothes, buying used lengthens the useful life of clothing pieces and encourages a more sustainable, circular fashion economy. You can look good, do good, and feel good – all at the same time.

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